We all have those tit-bits of information that we find hard to remember.

I have many, but one that is constantly irritating me is the one that tells you what component of weight acts along the inclined plane and what component acts perpendicular to it? Is it cos or sin?

Here’s a simple solution. Write the formula on a Post-It and stick it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. You won’t realise it but it will insinuate itself into your head and lodge there forever. Job done.

The Post-It illustrating this post is genuinely stuck to my VCR which is gathering dust under the cable box. I go there most days to look for the remote and there is the sin/cos formula right in front of me.

Try it.

PS. I stole this idea from my kids, most of whom did Arts subjects. The house was filled with yellow stickies with quotes from various books, essays etc. It worked for them, why not try it for proper subjects?!